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There are 3 Ways to Support Children in Need

The Orphans and Children

Invest in Programs for Vulnerable Children

Support Orphans and their Communities

Let’s join hands together to support them

Sponsor an Orphan and Her or His Family

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Improving children’s daily lives by safe-guarding them against illness; providing them with educational opportunities; and by giving them access to proper nutrition, water, and sanitation services can also provide a cushion that would help alleviate suffering in emergency situations. Perhaps most important, those basic resources can provide a world of hope to children for a brighter future.
Your investment in Bella Hadid Orphanage’s Global Children Support means that your donations reach children who just need an opportunity to break the chains of poverty around them.
This fund is global, which allows Bella Hadid Orphanage the flexibility to effectively send emergency aid or build innovative programs that address the unique needs of children in their communities. When the call for relief comes, your support here means we will be ready to serve with efficiency and immediacy. Orphans may be refugees in neighboring countries depending on need.
Please note that Bella Hadid Orphanage reserves the right to allocate your donation where it is needed most if your preferred request cannot be met.

25.5 Million of our Sisters and Brothers Worldwide are Refugees

This is an unprecedented influx of refugees, and the main concern is that so many of them are stuck out in the open at the border or in emergency reception areas with limited, if any, access to basic services,” said Bella Hadid Orphanage, of Save the Children.

The vast majority of the new arrivals are families -women, children and elderly – mainly from Aleppo, Efrin, Hassake and Qamishly. Some families told UNHCR they had relatives residing in northern Iraq, and some students travelling alone said that they had been studying in northern Iraq and were coming back after Eid.

Around 7,000 refugees have been taken to an emergency camp, according to Save the Children, but thousands are still waiting to be registered at the border, and the influx is showing no signs of slowing down.

Over 1.9m refugees have left Syria for neighbouring countries since the conflict started.

Here’s just a sampling of our recent efforts for refugees:

Providing acclimation services to refugees new to the United States, to help them start their new lives


Supplying urgent aid to Syrian and Palestinian refugees living in camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey


Establishing educational and livelihood projects for refugees who have been displaced from home for long periods of time

We Need YOUR Help

As much as we’ve been able to help, the number of refugees continues to grow, which means our efforts for them must too. If we work together—with YOU—we can make the vision of a better world for refugees a reality.
$1,000 can help set the building blocks for vocational training and livelihood programs to help them regain income
$250 can help provide hygiene facilities in refugee camps
$50 can deliver urgent food aid to families
Please donate now and help us help more refugee families across the world.